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Listed on the Mainboard of the Singapore Exchange, The Place Holdings Limited (f.k.a. “Eucon Holding Limited”) (“The Place” or “the Group”) is an investment holding company whose portfolio coverage will include the investment, development and management of Media, Integrated Tourism and tourism-related “new retail” businesses.

The Place Holdings is backed by the key management team of The Place Investment Group, a multi-billion PRC conglomerate renowned for its extensive businesses in tourism, media, property management, bio-medical technology investments and international trade.

  • Business Segments

  • Business Activities

  • Value Drivers

  • Integrated Tourism Township Properties
  • Commercial malls
    Entertainment & recreational facilities
    Resorts (incl. elderly resorts)
    Corporate clubhouses
  • Asset appreciation
    Cash flow
  • Integrated Tourism Township Services / Management
  • Integrated Tourism Township Property Management
    “New retail”
  • Cash flow
    Technology / Synergy
  • Media & Digital Advertising Services
  • Management of The Place Shopping Mall and LED sky screen
    Organisation of other recreational activities
  • Cash flow
    Cash flow